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PI Air-Swing

The PI Air-Swing is a pneumatically operated press with a flexible head that completely swings away from the bottom platen. This results in safe and easy application of your logos. The standard bottom platens can be replaced very easily with smaller sized platens. 

This press has an integrated controller for time and temperature, a pressure regulator of 0-8 bar and an emergency stop button. Also, the speed of closing and opening of the heating plate can be regulated.

PI Air-Swing is available in 2 variants:
  • PI Air-Swing 1000
: single workstation
  • PI Air-Swing 2000
: dual workstation - for higher productivity & large quantities 

Both presses can be supplied with a heating plate in size 35x45 cm or 50x40 cm, and a distance between upper and lower platen of 5 cm (standard) or 8 cm (especially for thicker materials).

Technical data PI Air-Swing 1000 / PI Air-Swing 2000

Use Suitable for all applications Particularly for large quantities
Model Table top with flexible head Table top with dual workstation
Operation Pneumatically operated Pneumatically operated
Time Variable adjustable time Variable adjustable time
Temperature Variable adjustable temperature Variable adjustable temperature
Dimensions W68 X D75 X H75 cm W105 X D75 X H80 cm
Voltage 230 V / 10 A / 2000 W 230 V / 10 A / 2000 W
Details Air compressor necessary Air compressor necessary
Platen size (cm)
45x35 or 50x40 cm - Extra sizes: 15x15, 20x20, 12x20 (sleeve), 30x15, 30x20, 30x35, 30x15 (shoe) and 35x15 (shoe)
Distance platens 5 and 8 cm 5 and 8 cm
Click here for the product sheet PI Air-Swing