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For all types of sportswear, we have developed a custom made, high quality transfer. Next to that, we are also very active with the production of ‘Names, Numbers & Sponsor Logos’, especially for soccer apparel. The major sportswear brands are very important customers of us.
The exciting sportswear market requires a partner that recognizes and anticipates the trends in this market. Polygraphic is the perfect partner in developing a high quality and distinctive logo for your sportswear! Therefore, please contact us so we can inform you about our sportswear transfers.

The qualities we have so far designed especially for this sector are:

Product Name
Product Characteristics
PI Stretch
Especially for clothing with a slight elasticity and (stretch)clothing, which should be sealed at a lower temperature (polo shirts, sweaters, etc.). Washing temperature to 60°C/140°F.
PI Stretch Care
Ideal for delicate garments such as lingerie and sportswear. Maximum washing temperature is 60°C/140°F.
PI Sport
Specially designed for all types of sportswear. Washing temperature to 60°C/140°F.
PI Swim
Perfectly fulfills the requirements of swimwear. Maximum washing temperature is 60°C/140°F.
PI Reflective
In case your logo should be seen in the dark and/or need extra attention. Washing temperature 40°C/104°F and/or 60°C/140°F.
PI Tech
Developed for (technical) clothing made of fabrics with a special structure or specific coating/finishing. Depending on the composition of the fabric, possibly suitable for your nylon clothing. Washing temperature to 40°C/104°F.
PI Plotter
Suitable for cotton and polyester or combinations thereof, with a maximum washing temperature of 60°C/140°F.
PI Shiny
Trendy, glossy transfer specifically designed for this trend-conscious market. Maximum washing temperature is 60°C/140°F.

* Once transferred our labels can be ironed, but only at the lowest heat level of your iron