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Flame Retardant Certificate

With regard to safety, it may be important that, in particular, workwear transfers have flame retardant features. After years of (ongoing) development in our in-house R&D department, we have a flame retardant transfer that complies with the most stringent safety requirements in accordance with ISO standard: PI Flame Retardant (FR). This transfer is available in several variants.
Internationally recognized testing agencies have extensively tested our PI Flame Retardant in combination with various flame retardant fabrics, in accordance with ISO 15025 (method for limited flame spread) and 15797 (industrial washing and drying/finishing). The results are impressive: an afterflame and afterglow time of 0 seconds and no flaming (to top or side edge) or hole formation!
It is always of great importance to have the unique combination of your flame retardant fabric and our flame retardant transfer tested in advance. Since we are convinced of the superior quality of our transfer, we offer you a test report completely free of charge (please find below an overview of available certification reports). You will also receive a washing test report.
If you are interested in our flame retardant products, we kindly request you to get in touch with us first. Since safety at work is our key priority, we are very willing to give you tailored advice.

Check out the impressive results of the ISO-test with our PI Flame Retardant (FR⁺):

FR⁺ Certification Reports:
(click on the certification report to download)
Fabric Transfer Certification Report
3-lagiges Softshell PI Refl. Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/558_2018
41 Multiproof® PI Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/646_2015
AMVC PI Refl. Standard FR⁺
PI Refl. Standard Classic FR⁺
APIC0001S PI Standard Premium FR⁺
APIK0001C PI Standard Premium FR⁺
APIL0001H PI Standard Premium FR⁺
APIM0001L PI Standard Premium FR⁺
APIP0001W PI Standard Premium FR⁺
APIQ0001K PI Standard Premium FR⁺
APIR0001K PI Standard Premium FR⁺
APIT0001S PI Standard Premium FR⁺
APIU0001S PI Standard Premium FR⁺
APK10001C PI Standard Premium FR⁺
Art. GORE-TEX®  Ebro 2-Schicht Laminat PI Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/2032_2016
Art. Ranger 320 AS PI Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/1629_2016
Bizflame Plus PI Standard FR⁺ 22.02263.01
Bodyguard 270 AS Teflon PI Standard Premium FR⁺
Bonded FR Jersey PI Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/1950_2015
CVC PI Standard FR⁺ CR/850_2016
Drift PI Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/1934_2015
Flame retardant AST Jersey PI Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/1951_2015
FR AST double face knittting PI Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/1944_2015
FR AST Molleton PI Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/1952_2015
M8442 PI Standard FR⁺ 18.00418.06
Mégatec Plus PI Standard Premium FR⁺ 18.00418.01
Modaflame HVO Knit PI Standard FR⁺
Omniprotector Light PI Standard FR⁺
Piqué FR AST PI Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/1943_2015
Poly 300D anti-static F/R PI Standard Premium FR⁺
Pyrovatex-AS PI Standard Premium FR⁺ CR/1031_2016
Schweißer PI Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/1933_2015
Sio-Flame Anti-Static APIF (Q55) PI Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/634_2015
Sio-Safe Ultra APU2 (Q72) PI Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/921_2015
Sio-Safe™ Aqua PI Refl. Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/560_2018
Sio-safe™ Aqua 310 PI Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/1948_2015
Sio-safe™ Aqua 335 PI Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/1945_2015
Siopor Excell PI Refl. Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/561_2018
Siopor® FR AST PI Refl. Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/559_2018
Siopor® FR AST PI Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/1942_2015
Siosafe Essential APFA (Q48) PI Standard Premium FR⁺ CR/2043_2015
Siosafe Essential APFB (Q40) PI Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/643_2015
Siosafe Essential APFC (Q49) PI Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/642_2015
Siosafe Extra APF9 (Q46) PI Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/645_2015
Siosafe Extra APU3 (Q44) PI Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/1626_2015
Siosafe Extra Hi-Viz APFD (Q41) PI Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/922_2015
Softshell FR AST PI Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/1947_2015
Tecapro BG 9025 PI Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/630_2015
Tecapro BG 9500 PI Standard FR⁺
Tecapro CP 2533 PI Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/633_2015
Tecapro XC-9001 PI Standard Light FR⁺ CR/647_2015
Tecapro XC-9001 PI Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/2051_2016
Tecapro XC-9001 PI Standard Light FR⁺ CR/2052_2016
Tecapro XC-9001 PI Standard FR⁺ CR/1503_2018
Tecasafe Plus XL 9200 PI Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/627_2015
Tecasafe Plus XL 9300 PI Standard FR⁺
Tecasafe XA 9001 PI Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/1628_2015
Tecashield BV 170 PI Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/632_2015
VP Proban Antistat (ME) PI Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/1627_2015
VP Proban Comfort AS (MQ) PI Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/1625_2015
WeldShield PI Standard Classic FR⁺ CR/1932_2015